Finland / Woodworks / Alan Zinchi & Sujeong Han

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Beehive light

Raise the honey for lighting

Beekeepers reap the honey from the honeycombs, which are taken from the hives. Likewise, people can get experience to be beekeeper through generating light with honeycombs object.

The target is the interational market which needs more sensitive lighting.

The beehive light provides two ways of lighting methods. One is more traditional ways with honey comb candleholder as if people reap the honey for the candle. Another is more contemporary way with bulb. Each bulb generates point lights from each honeycomb, which forms honeycomb shape of light. Each way of lighting can be connected by the candle holder, a switch to control LED light through on,off and dim signal. It provides more sensitive feeling by connecting different ways of lighting methods.

For reinterpreting the hive, wooden sticks with honeycomb shape form structure. Moreover, Carving, burn- ing and painting is used for finishing wood and LED light is used for effective point lights.

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