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“Designing with wool”

A European Master Class on wool

From April, 8th to 14th 2013 at the Bergerie Nationale

The INMA (National Institute of Arts and Crafts) in France and its european partners, the Craft Council of IrelandFundesarte (Spanish Foundation for the Innovation of Crafts) in Spain and ULUV (Center for Folks Arts Production) in Slovakia, had organized a master class “Arts and Crafts and Design” on wool, from April, 8th to 14th 2013 at the Bergerie Nationale, Ile-de-France.

Young European professionals of arts and crafts and design have got together to experiment the new applications of techniques linked to wool as part of a residency coordinate by Diana Brennan, textile designer. The program associated speakers that were craftsmen, felt artist, mattress maker, visual artist, designers and representative of the wool industry. In addition, a study visit was organized in Spain, in the Spanish Pyrenees where there is more than 200 Xisquetas sheep whom wool for a time considered as a residue is now employed to develop new products using materials and techniques from the local handcraft.

The wool is a natural, ecological and inexhaustible that enables a wide diversity of creation whether its is raw, carded, felted or associated to other materials. These different applications in textile, clothing, furniture textile, small furniture or building are making wool a very attractive material.

The contents, the digital ideas notebook, productions and video created during the Master Class on Wood are available on the web site: http://designandwool.blogspot.fr/


Wool Master Class from Fundesarte on Vimeo.

The program is cofounded by the European Commission as part of the Leonardo da Vinci for the professional training, supported by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of the Industrial Creation) and the association l’Atelier – Wools of Europe.

Following the first master class on wool, two others will be organized in July 2013 for the wood sector in Slovakia and in August 2013 for the sector of ceramic in Irlande.*

Download the presentation of the wool master class

*Each master class is opened to people who are living in the countries that are partners of the program: Application form woodApplication form ceramic


Contact : Catherine Virassamy / virassamy@inma-france.org /0033 1 55 78 85 89