Culture Lives in Crafts / Jyväskylä, Finland

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Culture Lives in Crafts


Jyväskylä, Finland

The 100th anniversary of the Finnish Crafts Organization culminates in an international seminar with lectures themed on sustainable development, Finno-Ugrian ethnicity and the wellbeing effects of crafts.

The lectures will be given in English by:

- Eija Vähälä, President of the Finnish Crafts Organization

Ildiko Lehtinen, PhD, is docent in Finno-Ugrian ethnolo-gy at the University of Helsinki and Turku. She is Chief Curator at the Museum of Cultures / National Museum of Finland, Helsinki. Lehtinen has studied the clothing of Mari, Udmurts and Khanty through field-work in Russia in the 1981–2009 period.

Kirsi Niinimäki Doctor of ArtsKirsi Niinimäki is a researcher into environmentally friendly design that is future-oriented and leads into more sustainable consumption. In her research she com-bines sustainable product design with new green busi-ness thinking. In her role as a post doc researcher she is also interested in collaborative design and learning. She is Post Doc Researcher in Design Research at Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture.

-Professor Minna Huotilainen, docent, PhD, has a long career in neuroscience. Her research topics include cognitive skills such as perception, memory, attention, and execu-tive function, and the effects of hobbies like music and crafts on cognition and brain development. The par-ticipants in her research are people of all ages ranging from fetuses, infants and children to adolescents, adults and the elderly. She works at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and at the University of Helsinki. Her 120+ publications in international journals are highly recognized and she frequently appears in the me-dia to communicate science to the general public.

Antti Hautamäki Professor, Member of the Board of the Finnish Crafts Organization.


Dowload the Program and learn how to participate : Culture_lives_in_crafts_Finland_2013