Italy, Milan, European Arts and Crafts Days

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On the occasion of European Arts and Crafts Days from 31 March to 1th April in 2011, the foundation Cologni of arts and crafts has organized an exhibition “Masterpieces, the excellence of know-how in Milan and Lombardy” at the Palazzo Morando museum in Milan.



Under the patronage of the President of the Republic, the exhibition was carried out together with the municipal partnership (Milan-Culture Department). The objective of this exhibition is to heighten public attention, and also that of institutions, media and opinion makers concerning the patrimony of arts in Italy and especially about their know-how: from the industries to the self-production, through the presence of workshops, manufacturers and master craftsmen in Milan and Lombardy, where a culture of doing is always very productive and worldly recognized.

The masters and the articles in show were selected by an incredible organizer: architect and designer Ugo La Pietra, one of the most famous experts in the domain of applied arts in Italy and indefatigable animator of cultural actions which aimed at bringing the art closer to project, typically used for design and at master craftsmen’s know-how. The key conception of the selection is the “excellence”, which is considered as the results of creativity and quality for those made “according to the rules”.

It’s in the aristocratic and significant rooms of Palazzo Morando that the Milan city was dedicated to the fashion, to image and to arts connected to the developments of the costume and in the same place, we installed a gallery that presents the emblematic articles. Carried out by the Cologni foundation, in collaboration with Paolo Dalla Sega, professors en management of arts and crafts in the catholic university of Milan, the exhibition provides a cultural panorama of doing the excellence in Lombardy, from musical instrument making to the wood, from pipes to knives, from silk to lace, from fashion to ceramics, from metals to leather goods, from theater costumes to puppets, and also to fabrics, paper, silver and glass, up to the more experimental and innovative forms.

Besides those articles, the protagonists’ gestures play also an important role: in the workshop, les master craftsmen get along with the public and tell them the craftwork requires the passion, deft hand and good eyesight. And in the eyes of visitors, them will give rise to the decorations of Pino Grasso, which were made by a expert embroiders; the precious items of leather goods of Valextra; the musical instrument making for which Lombardy is just famous; and the gold objects completed by the ambrosial school of silverware.

The initiative was made possible because of the Vacheron Constantin Mansion of Geneva: the world’s oldest Manufacture of luxury watches that supports and encourages the arts and crafts with some works from cultural patronage to give better recognition to a know-how that belongs to a living patrimony. Vacheron Constantin has been the official partner of the European Arts and Crafts Days since 2011: after supporting the IMNA in the discovery of the workshops in Paris, he pays his attention to Milan, by promoting the exhibitions and by inviting Munenori Yamamoto, a Japanese master craftsman, to the Palazzo Morando. As the representative of the Maision Zôhiko that was built in Tokyo there were three hundred years ago, Yamamoto-san shows the public his ability as lacquerer by decorating several precious dial switch for Vacheron Constantin.

The organization was completed by the Metria Studio who has already signed many important exhibitions in the historic environments.

The masterpieces and the know-how of master craftsmen are revived in the photographic images especially for this exhibition realized by Emanuele Zamponi in denser tracks full of significations and emotions. He has also realized the graphic design of catalogue, graciously donated by Rotolito Lombarda.