Spain / European Arts and Crafts days

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Coordinated by FUNDE SARTE (Spanish Foundation for innovation of Crafts) together with OFICIO YARTE, the Art and Craft Days are celebrated for the first time in Spain.


All the regions were invited to join the important event dedicated to professional craftsmen and to their excellent know-how. The community of Madrid, Extremadura, Galicia, Murcia and the Canary Islands were strongly represented through the exhibitions, the demonstrations and many opening galleries.
Potters instrument makers, embroiderers, glassmakers, blacksmiths, and restorers shared their secrets with the public during these three days. In these galleries, you could discover craftsmen’ workspace, their tools and equipment. The craftsmen were there to answer your questions.
The demonstrations of their know-how have allowed us to watch the craftsmen work. With the competence and expertise, the craftsmen transform the material into the crafts, far from the standardized products during these breathtaking shows.

During the opening-door days, the training centers welcomed the young people and the families. Professors and students have presented their projects, explained their careers, their education and their diploma so you might find a new vocation.
Some amazing activities have been organized for children in order to let them discover the materials and the techniques while playing: ceramics, painting and weaving…
The Art and Craft Days in Spain gave also the chance to visit the prestigious exhibitions and to attend certain conferences and seminars.



FUNDESARTE – Fundación Española para la Innovación de la Artesanía

General Zabala 12 – 28002 Madrid – España