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Product 2: Nounou-vases and table ware
© Anu Penttinen
Producer: Anu Penttinen, Nounou Design
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Anu Penttinen
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Economic field: Glass, interior design

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: Penttinen translates the Finnish modern design tradition into new forms

Information about the product:
- Period the item is from: since 2002
- Usage: vase, vessels
- History etc. see below

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: “Two seemingly different visual worlds; the man-made environment – both urban and suburban – with its sighns, traffic, lights, noise and street maps, and on the other hand the strong reference of indigenous and aboriginal art&craft act as triggers for further design process in my work. I am intrigued by the relationship between order and disorder, and how these can be translated, through personal journeys, onto the glass material.
I work with glass blowing, kilnforming and cold-working techniques in order to create a wide selection of glass objects, from small gift items and limited editions to unique pieces, wallwork and lighting fixtures. Initially very graphic in all shades between black&white, my work of today has evolved into consisting of a much wider colour palette, including bright candy colours as well as earthy tones.
Combining traditional glassmaking techniques with contemporary imagery, subtle shapes and surface textures result in a unique and recognizable design language which I try and renew along the way.
Making glass by hand , but also collaborating with the industry as a designer has been a rewarding combination, both sides of the work feeding into another and balancing each other.”
Anu Penttinen

Producer information
- Turn over: N/A
- Number of employees: 1


Anu Penttinen/Nounou Design
Kauppatie 1
31160 Nuutajärvi