Artesanía V. Molero, S.A.

Titre : Bargueño
© FUNDESARTE (Photo Pablo Orcajo)
Period : 2007-2008
Artesanía V. Molero, S.A.

Technique: Bargueño is marquetry furniture used normally in the entrance hall. The name has its origin in the town of Bargas (Toledo, Spain). It is manufactured with marquetry of ebony and bone with floral motifs. It has 12 external drawers and a central door. The taquillón is formed by 2 drawers and 2 doors done with the same materials as the main body. It measures 124 x 53 x 202 cm and weights almost 85 kg. The makers took their inspiration from the bargueños from the XVI – XVIII centuries.

Economical sector: The wood sector has in general a big impact in the Spanish crafts sector. In fact, the subsector of wood furniture represents 34.6% of the Spanish craft workshops and enterprises; and objects made out of wood 3.8%. Furniture and wood made objects with traditional motifs are representative in the crafts sector. Traditional craftsmen work with techniques passed on from generation to generation.