Craftswomen from the school

Lagarterà dress
© FUNDESARTE (photo Pablo Orcajo)
Period : 2007 - 2009

Technique: Dress produced at the school-workshop of Lagartera, made out of linen and with geometrical motives in white and black. The dress, except for the geometrical motives, is entirely white and has a silk belt. The most used techniques in the school-workshop are: ravelling out, embroidery and lace.

Economical sector: Embroidery is a tradition of the town of Lagartera since the XVI century. The town’s handcrafted embroidery business started at the beginning of the XX century. Nowadays, this craft is the biggest business sector of the town’s economy. The town is very popular for this business in Spain, as well as abroad. The fabrics used traditionally for embroidery were linen elaborated by the same craftswomen. At the present time, the linen used by the craftswomen are still used in their production but they are industrial and offer a wide range of colours.