Christiane and Philippe Andrieux

©Ch. Andrieux - Deniselle Gometz
La Maison du Vitrail
69 rue desnouettes
75015 paris – France
T 01 42 50 88 03
F 01 42 50 29 60

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The stained glass of La maison du Vitrail bear the signature of master stain glass makers Christiane and Philippe Andrieux, The honorary chairman of « la Chambre Syndicale Nationale du Vitrail ( the stain glass makers’ professionnal association) equally the authors of a book on stainglass art and technique(Bordas ) and of many international articles.

Operating all over the world, proud of working according to the purest tradition of the builders. This prestigious art has been transmitted from master to master for over 8 centuries. Since 1937, stain glass has been designed, restored renovated in the purest tradition of the trade. La Maison du Vitrail was created by Christiane and Philipa Andrieux , thei daughter Emmanuelle having joined the workshop now. Throughout the years the firm has grown by the merging with Ateliers Mazard, Bateau, Jacques gruber and Brière.

We offer on display over 5000s quare metres of ancient and modern glass for Heritage restoration and public or private creation( all colours and substanceses clear , translucent , opaque etc…) The expertise of thei state of the art team warrants for the quality of the restoration work they are being commissionned that will be done accordingly to the purest tradition. They have been able to participate to the evolution of the stainglass work thanks to thei modern and adequated equipment and their research work . Prestigious references all over the five continents. Acknowledged by all the official entities whether public or private : Monuments Historiques, Bâtiments de France, Mairies, Arts sacrés, Éducation Nationale, Institut du Verre, Chambre Syndicale Nationale du Their talent has gained them the highest distinctions. Their professionnal involvement ant the responsibilities they assume take within the profession are a real keystone for this builderstrade.

La Maison du vitrail a broad decorative range to order, geometrical glass panes, abstract or pictorial compositions,… All styles: Romanesque, Rayonnant Gothic, Flamboyant, 18th century, Art Nouveau… Every technique: traditional lead stained glass, Tiffany’s style, set in brass or pewter, fusing, collage, blasting sand or diamond etching. We can offer you time and competence in you search for a luminous décor to embellish and personalize your interior decoration. Your wishes and desires will be paid full attention and turned into the best even the most modest ones.. We’ll go all the way with you and find beyond the words bewildering graphical and colorful answers to your request.

You will for sure feel unequalled wellbeing when you will bask everyday in a mellow or tonic , golden flowing or challenging light that we’ll create to suit your wishes. Do treat yourself with original light to your own taste. There is a stained glass solution for everyone, stained glass is life at its best and thriving.