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Glasgow basin
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IMAGE (société de Christophe Isaac)

Le Chatelard - D117
69390 Millery - France
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IMAGE is a society of contemporary woodworkers. The enterprise creates and dresses Corian® furniture as well as high end sanitary sets in massive wood.
The enterprise addresses itself among professionals and user in the domains of the kitchen, bathroom, professional or public layout and in the world of design.
Its principal action is:
- The fabrication made to order of plan basins, pieces of furniture and arrangements in Corian® (synthetic material fabricated by Dupont). The fabrication can be in single units or a series.

Since 1991, the year where IMAGE was selected by Dupont of Nemours to transform Corian®. The society acquired experience in numerous domains: du plan de travail de cuisine ou de salle de bain à la mise en forme de mobilier haut de gamme en Corian® en passant par l’agencement de banque d’accueil, de sanitaires publics ou de paillasses d’hôpitaux
- The wood: thanks to an exclusive patent which renders the wood air and water tight, the IMAGE society conceives baths and sinks in massive wood.
An experience close to 20 years assures these products an incontestable quality and durability.

The IMAGE Society was created in 1983 by Christophe Isaac, specialized in the creation and fabrication of contemporary furniture, and interior development. In 1992, he bought the patent from T. Leflon to retake the fabrication of basins made from massive wood; this process is unique in the world.
In 1998, the enterprise undertook a Global Quality step and involved all of its personnel. The enterprise was elected “Artisanal Enterprise of the year 2000”. That reformed his originality, creativity and rigor.

Basins and counter basins of bathrooms are generally made of Iroko, an African wood, traditionally used in the construction of naval ships. It’s a wood of warm color which gets slightly darker during the first few months of being exposed to light.
The basins alone can be put in an existing countertop or on a metal support.
The basins are made from a block of glued together wood that is then placed under a press and cut with the help of a hydraulic copying turn.
The plans are cut at a manufacturing center by numeric commands.
It becomes watertight by the impregnation of epoxy resin which stabilizes the wood.
The finishing includes many layers of resin and varnish, applied manually between each careful sanding.