Elodie Brunet

Intention (collection Sli-On)
© Elodie Brunet
Silk fiber and pineapple leaf fiber and abaca fiber

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It’s after several trips to the Philippines where she trained in weaving in a foundation promoting the local craftsmanship, that the young designer Elodie Brunet launched her first organic fabric collection. In her second collection so elegant and subtle the lines are named “Intention”, « Essential », Expansion »,« Infinity », « Integrity » or « Memory » (names that make us ponder on our environmentally friendly attitudes) and are made of a combination of pineapple fiber and silk gauze to obtain light and texture effects in subtle shades.
Made into table runners, table cloths, table mats or cushion cases, each textile line is hand woven by the traditional Philippine standards and respectful of the social and environmental ethics.
The pineapple fiber is extracted from the pineapple leaves and the abaca fiber comes from the “abaca” a tree belonging to the banana tree species all being organically grown. After extraction by hand, these fibers are washed in clear river water then knotted one by one into a ball of yarn long enough to be weaved

The balls are then dried in the sun and ready to be used after drying. Like the pineapple and abaca fibers, the silk yarn doesn’t get any chemical treatment either during its processing.
“Sli –on” created by Elodie Brunet is an organic textile range hand weaved in the Philippines by women within a foundation that stimulates local craftsmanship without upsetting social wellbeing.

She has decided to name this collection « Sli-on », which means useless in the T’Boli tribe vernacular, for the objects are not meant for people who practically or necessarily need them. The object is an alibi for letting light play on the texture. Like the frail texture of the dragonfly wings, the pineapple gauze glitters in the light. Like a poppy petal, the pineapple organza reacts to the light. Like the butterfly’s powdered wings, the pineapple twill catches the light. Inspired by the mellow tones of the shells washed by the sea and stranded on the beach, the colors exclusively obtained from vegetal dyes reflect the light so naturally that it’s slightly eery. “Sli-on” is a manifest in favor of environmentally and humanly friendly initiatives. It addresses people both hedonistic and responsible seeking beauty and ethics.