Enrique de Lucas Tortajada

© FUNDESARTE (photo Pablo Orcajo)
Perriod : 2007 - 2008
Enrique de Lucas Tortajada

Technique: Vitreolux integrates various purposes: lighting, signposting as well as decorating and construction solutions. It also offers a wide range of finishing options. Vitreolux is composed by two glass ornaments. Its interior is done with vitreous enamel, eroded for some millimetres, with the purpose of accommodating and leading luminous filaments. The used materials are: glass, vitreous enamel and light-emitting.

Economical sector: The use of new materials offers new esthetical resources, new tools and the newest technologies, to promote artistic creativity and the experimentation of innovative solutions to a contemporary movement. Artistic glasses from the XX century, more innovative, achieve a beauty, variety and technical characteristics never seen before. At the same time, the new machines and tools allow realizing transformations that become unique.