François Azambourg

Le vase Douglas (The Douglas Vase)
© François Azambourg
Glass Work by Hand
H. 21cm L.15cm P. 15cm

Tél : 01 55 46 02 35

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From the work of research led by François Azambourg at Centre International d’Art Verrier de Meisenthal (The International Center of Glass Art of Meisenthal) was born the “Douglas” vase, a singular and out of the ordinary object. The décor of this vase was directly imprinted on it during the phase of blowing, by means of a little academic and innovative process created by the designer: blown glass fixed in a wooden mould.
Traditionally glass blowers use a turning technique for revolution pieces. The technique for fixed blowing is used for other types of forms. Then the piece is blown in a metallic mould.
The “Douglas” mould is simply made with planks of Douglas pine, conifers which are found in the Northern Vosges. It is used half a dozen times before it’s used up. During the introduction of the glass parison in fusion in the mould, the wood burns and transfers to the glass its décor, its veins and knots. The mould is then opened and frees a vase on which some sparks still hang. Every object since then is unique and tells its own story…

Two series of the “Douglas” vase, one in black and the other in silver, numbered and signed by François Azambourg, and edited by Bernard Chauvea Editor.