Gérald Vatrin

© Amadou Traoré
Glasswork by Hand
H. 43cm L. 25cm P. 15cm

60 Boulevard de Longchamp, 13001 Marseille.
E-mail : gvatrin@hotmail.com

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Blown transparent glass, carved by a diamond tipped tool. Amulet: cow teeth and bones, leather, glass pearl and steel needle.

Originally from Nancy, diploma from the school of Beaux-Arts d’Epinal and from CERFAV (European Center of Research and Formation of Glass Arts), Gérald Vatrin accumulated know-how and knowledge by working in sculpture, painting, engraving, before choosing glass as his medium of expression. His works are unique and created in limited series.

The richness of his experiences permit him today to use those varied techniques for his glass sculptures, linking size, engraving and enameling. This work won him the Grand Prix des Métiers d’Art de la ville de Paris in 2001.

His researches on glass accomplished one work marked by the impression of simple refinement.

Gérald Vatrin incarnates the new energy of artistic French glass. In discussions, he prefers action, breakage, failure, hopes which precede the lightening of lucidity which cause to spout a good piece worthy of the “pick”.

“When I started to engrave the glass, he confided, my training as a graphic designer resurfaced, Gérald commented. After my hands were cut up using the diamond tipped tool, I seized a micro engraving tool to engrave and to serve me as a pencil to draw on forms specially designed to be alibis for motifs. These are not pebbles, but graphic universes, worlds apart.”

Today Gérald Vatrin shows his own work, after past years of creating pieces for others.