Giulia Ciuoli

Sample carried out by Giulia Ciuoli in 2009
© Guilia Ciuoli
Threading with 8 heddles, in groups, reduced to a point.
Reed - 40/10
Thread count in the Weft - 12/cm
Thread count in the Warp - 20/cm

Yarn chromatic range:
Sik yarn - Pantone 8021C; Pantone 8643 C
silk/linen blend yarn – not dyed.

Research was carried out to create a relationship between contrasting structural fibers and effects: The elegance of the iridescent 100% silk yarn, used together with a golden yarn (34% nylon, 33% viscose, 33% polyacrylic) interacts with the “poor” effect of the silk/linen blend yarn. Effects of movement and light/shadow are thus created, highlighted by the weave pattern, with a lancé weft on a cloth base. A fabric, mostly of natural fibers, was then designed and carried out, intended both for clothes and upholstery.

The sample was entered in the TDC3 Textile Design Contest , an international textile design competition, and won the First Prize in the Textile Research and Innovation category.

It was published in 2009 in Young Blood 2010, an annual publication of young Italian designers who have been awarded international prizes.