Jamie Lazzara

Bell Cittern Tielke by Jamie Lazzara.
© Jamie Lazzara
Date made : 2001,
size : total length:65.7 cm

Jamie Lazzara LIUTAIO,
via dei Leoni 4 / R , Florence, 50122, Italy;
E-mail :jamie.lazzara@gmail.com ;
Telephone: 055 280573

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Traditional Craft, Making and Restoration of Musical Instrument

The sound box of the musical instrument is built entirely by hand with precious harmonic woods. Also hand-made marquetry decorates the entire instrument. Finally I used a burin to engrave the design details. This is a copy of an extremely valuable instrument from 1670 kept in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The marquetry theme is inspired by Apuleius’s story in the book “Metamorphoses-the Golden Ass”. Made with spruce, maple, red willow woods; imitation tortoise shell, imitation ivory, parchment in the empty spaces within the rosettes, and stained glass