Jasper Morrison

La Triplette (box of 3 balls)
© Frédéric Goetz - CIAV
Created in 2002. Commercialized in 2006
L. 72mm, l. 72mm, H. 82mm. Weight : 0.200kg / 7,3 cm in diameter
Colorless blown glass, silver, and cut glass

Centre International d'Art verrier
Place Robert Schuman 57960 MEISENTHAL
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Le Centre International d’Art Verrier (CIAV) was created in 1992 on the site of the former glass-work of Meisenthal (1704- 1969), in the Bitche region in eastern Mosellan in response to the slow erosion of glass work courses in Lorraine and Saar.

The CIAV today continues the tradition of innovation initiated by Emille Gallé, who led fruitful researches with glass work in Meisenthel for 27 years. The CIAV, turned towards contemporary creation, aims for the transmission of a savoir-faire and development of creation via an exposition of contemporary glasses, and of educational workshops with demonstrations of glassblowers work. The CIAV publishes small series of objects such as the famous glass Christmas Balls.

These contemporary explorations around the Christmas Ball continue the tradition of « botches », these tests carried out by the glassblowers during their breaks. Before being a contemporary creation, the Christmas Ball was an industrial adventure. “ Initially, to make an optical rounded glass a very large ball of glass had to be blown ( 80 cm in diameter), then it had to be broken, and then inside of the debris, one sawed in function of their section of glass glasses and watches” explains Bernard Petry. The Christmas Ball is then born of the imagination of optical glass makers.
Around the team of the CIAV, the British Jasper Morrison, the Milanese Italo Zuffi, Michel Paysant and of course others still, in company of master glass workers, negotiate with masters in fusion. From their consultations were born, in ten years, 15 models.

In 2010, the star named CUMULUS, signed by Mendel Heit, young French designer working in Berlin.

« Each ball has a history. Jasper Morrison, the ball fanatic, great bowler, has naturally created Triplette, 3 silver balls in tribute to his favorite sport. Andreas Brandolini became interested in musical rhythms and created the octave, he took over a former mould, and with additions he distorted it, and gave it another function. That is typically the work of CIAV” said Bernard Petry, innate sculptor from Goetzenbruck and artistic director of the CIAV.

Jasper Morrison is a British designer, born in 1959 in London.
Jasper Morrison
« Designer de l’année 2000 » à la foire de Paris
Compagnie basée à Paris et à Londres