Jean-François Escoulen

Les chérubins (The cherubs)
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Les Massots
26450 Puy Saint Martin
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Wood turning

Since 1972, Jean-François Escoulen has turned wood. After having admired the ornamental pieces of the XVII and XVIII centuries and reproduced pieces in reference to a past style, he had a desire to seek out other things/ originality and different techniques of creation.
His work is oriented along an off-centered woodturning. Sometimes the most unusual pieces clearly show his classic training.
Jean-François Escoulen is also the inventor of the “ESCOULEN” drill chuck, the fruit of several years work. This drill chuck offers numerous possibilities, because it pushes the restrictive limits of the unique axle of the turn.
It also has the advantage of allowing the execution of its virtuosity in the gouge and to create unseen forms.
Jean-François Escoulen
Meilleur Ouvrier de France