Joaquín Hernández García

Door from the collection “sculptures”
© FUNDESARTE ( Pablo Orcajo)
Période: 2005 - 2009
Carcoma, Joaquín Hernández Garcia

Technique: The doors from the collection « sculptures » are manufactured with old fir tree. The doors are assembled in a structure of cross-section bars. The sculpture is engraved on a wood board reduced by hand and the metal fittings are done by a forge craftsman.

Economical sector: The wood sector has in general a big impact in the Spanish crafts sector. In fact, the subsector of wood furniture represents 34.6% of the Spanish craft workshops and enterprises; and objects made out of wood 3.8%. Doors and exterior carpentry have a big impact in this subsector. Contemporary crafts include wood structures, grounds, ceilings, windows, balconies, etc. Not only the techniques are up to date, but also the design in order to offer the customer the best product.