Jordi Ribas

© FUNDESARTE (Photo: cédé par Nele Bendgens)
Période : 2010
Jordi Ribas

Technique: Bed measuring 1.80 m. large and 2.00 m. long, build in oak wood and finished with flax oil. The organic shapes predispose to rest. In all its creations, Jordi Ribas designs the future product in collaboration with the customer in order to adapt the piece to its needs. He considers always the functionality of the product and works with sustainable woods that do not harm the environment. The pieces of Jordi are innovative, not only because of the always changing shapes, but also because of the used techniques. This craftsman recovers the most traditional tools, but reinterpreting them in order to create new unique shapes inspired by nature.

Economical sector: The wood sector has in general a big impact in the Spanish crafts sector. In fact, wood furniture, as produced by Jordi Ribas, represents 34.6% of the Spanish craft workshops and enterprises. Innovation is a very important factor in the economical growth of every sector, as well as for the wood sector, including new propositions adapted to customer needs. The traditional nature of the wood sector does not imply necessarily the lack of innovative character in the product or the production process. Also, the necessity of innovation in technology is permanent in the wood and furniture sector, so that products are different to those of other times.