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Product 3 : wall textils
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Producer: Kaarina Kauhanen
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74700 Kiuruvesi, Finland
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Economic field: Textile

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: Felt is a traditional material used in Finland. It has been used for clothes from shoes to hats, and other textiles.The material is still largely used and has a positive reputation.

Cloth rugs also have a long history in the country.

The innovative values comes from combining:
- 3D and cut
- Traditional felt (as material)
- Traditional idea of wall rugs
- Idea of textile sculpture (combining fine arts and craft)

Information about the product:
- Period the item is from
- Usage: wall decoration. Absorbs noise
- History etc. 2000-2010

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: Felting, cutting, sewing

Producer information
- Turn over: N/A
- Number of employees: 1

Reference: http://www.kaarinakauhanen.com