Product 1 : sauna textiles
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Producer: Käsityö- ja lahja-ateljee Maila (handicraft and gift atelier)
Käsityö- ja lahja-ateljee Maila
08100 LOHJA , Finland
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Economic field: Textiles, design

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: Sauna is an old Finnish tradition dating to pre-historic era. People bath, cleanse, and in old times gave birth, took care of health and cleaned the dead in sauna; the place is more sterile than others. Textiles are an important part of the sauna tradition.

Information about the product:
- Period the item is from: for centuries
- Usage: covering benches and walls in sauna. Sitting on, leaning to…
- History etc.: The sauna textiles are an essential part of sauna. These are used to hygienic reasons. In addition textiles do no warm up as much as wood. Thus these are nicer to lean to and to sit on. Some textiles are also used when coming out from sauna, and towels as normally.
The sauna textile patterns are folkloristic and nature related patterns, always stylised and light, never strong.

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: Weaving. The material used is linen. Sometimes cotton can be mixed with linen

Producer information
- Turn over: N/A
- Number of employees: 1

Reference: http://www.lahja-ateljeemaila.fi/