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Product 2 : Furniture and carving
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Economic field: Furniture (style furniture)

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: The company produces style furniture in a region known for the activity.The South Ostrobothnia is also characterized by carving and making furniture.
Jurva, a village in the Southern Ostrobothnia, which is known for its hand craft tradition and furniture industry, still offers education in those fields.
Indeed in 1911 a carving school was founded in Jurva. It still works today, and the education has expanded to include furniture design as well. Oiva Kentta, the leading author of carving in Finland started his career in 60´s by going to carving school in Jurva.
He was graduated as a master carver in 1972. In 1973 Oiva participated in Finish championship competitions of carving and won. He worked as a teacher from year 1974 but recently retired.

The wood carving in the Southern Ostrobothnia is mainly used to make decoration on furniture and many kinds of decorative items like statues. It can be regarded as a special form of art. Jurva has been one of the main producer of style furniture in Finland for a long time. There is still many vital furniture factories in Jurva, like MacFinn Teollisuus Oy, E J Hiipakka Oy, Huonekalutehdas Laitala Oy just to name a few. The old-fashioned styles like baroque and rococo used to be the most significant in Jurvas furniture industry and they are also taught in cabinetmaker school in Jurva . This differentiates the Jurva school from the other schools. Nowadays many of the factories have adopted more modern approach to making furniture but the legacy of old traditions still lives on.

Information about the product:
- History: The Laitala produces style furniture. The styles are: Gustavian style (typically Nordic), Rococo (the Nordic version is less decorative), Empire (the Nordic version is less decorative), French Rococo, and Hepplewhite.

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: Materials: different kinds of wood, finish birch is really suitable for carving

Techniques: chisels are the most important tools for carving, usually carvers have their own set of chisels and every each of them cut the wood in different way which enables a wide range of lines and shapes

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