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Product 2: Ring and bijoux of wood
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Raisio Finland
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Economic field: Wood, jewellery design

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: Wood is the most traditional building material in Finland having a high symbolic value. Functionality has always played a great role in the Finnish design. It is regarded to have an added value over decorative styles. The high feminine and cultural dimension level of democracy in the society also increases the level of playfulness in objects. The same values are also attributes of the Scandinavian design, art and crafts, which the Finnish design, art and crafts makes part. In this universe it is essential that the objects have a high level of functionality, and these are often everyday objects. Wood is a material that translates easily to jewellery design as well. It fits to the national identity better than e.g. gemstones. Important is the dialogue with the nature, naturalness and the ecologic aspect of the products.

Modern: form language and usage. Matches the modern lifestyle and tastes.

Information about the product:
- Period: 2009-2010
- Usage: jewellery for every day use and occasions
- History: a young active craftsman

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: Material selected by structure, purpose, ergonomy and visual aspects. Carving, cutting, wood layering, abrasion, polishing etc.
Wood combined with other materials.

Producer information
- Number of employees: c. 1