Ludovic Avenel

« Gallet » table
© Ludovic Avenel
Olive Ash and lacquer

Ludovic Avenel
The Liliane Bettencourt Intelligence of the Hands Prize 2007

8 passage Brûlon
75012 Paris
Tel : +33 (0)6 25 50 14 58

Situated at the heart of Paris in the 12th arrondissement, the studio integrates itself in a rich context of creative and artisanal activities. Composed of woodworkers/ designers, this enterprise ally’s creativity and know-how. Registering itself in a global approach, they create furniture as well as, objects, development of spaces… Specialized in working with precious materials (galuchat, noble essences…), the studio equally uses new materials all while being aware of ecological questions.

Between tradition and innovation, the enterprise combines the respect of traditional know-how with the competences of high precisions that call for new technologies.

But it is before all the spirit and the sensibility of a man who comes to express himself through a work of constant quality.

Each piece is unique; it has to respond to a particular context.

Combining the space, the function, the aesthetics, the story… his furniture responds to all these aspects in order to be closest to our environment.

Ludovic Avenel decided to follow as early as possible a scholarly course moving towards his goal, despite the reluctance of certain professors. He leads then a CAP in woodworking where he learns the foundation of the craft and the techniques before rejoining the Companions of duty in Strasbourg. But there remain only 6 months:
“I did not like the ambience in which I found myself; I did not arrive to feel well about myself in that very strict environment.” He says. He finished then his year in the restoration of ancient furniture, and also passed his bac pro in woodworking during which he is going to discover the creative and artistic approach to his craft.

The following two years, he will pass between his studio in Dieppe and the Boulle school of applied art and woodwork in Paris. With the achievement of his superior diploma in applied arts option design products, Ludovic Avenal concludes his training.

The woodwork of Ludovic Avenel was installed in the Brulon passage, in the center of artisanal activities created by the Mayor of Paris. Ludovic Avenel is proud to have created, with two co-workers, his own enterprise. For them, it is a great luck to be able to make alive again that aspect of fauberg Saint-Antoine, the historic quartier of custom built woodwork.

“We perpetuate a little the tradition but with a more contemporary side, open on actual needs” tells the young entrepreneur.

Ludovic Avenel, Christophe Bret and Emilien Marion are all three holders of diplomas from the Boulle school, reunited by the same passion for wood.

“Even if we have received the same training, between us each has his own specialty and takes his place in the studio, I try to conceive and draw plans, Emilien brings technology, and Christophe is our designer.”
Jeweled furniture, precious objects, development of the interior… the ideas fly in this small studio, in service of a modern way of life: “We think of office layouts, smart storage space for all the new technologies, for example by foreseeing the needed space for all electronic connective chords,” explains Ludovic.

These unique pieces usually call for 150 hours of work, or even a lifetime. According to Ludovic Avenel, “each of our products represents a long term investment, it is not cheap quality furniture, one will be able to resell it, move it, and restore it for duration from 200 to 300 years.”

For their conceptions on measure the studio adopts a responsible attitude. Even by having recourse to some precious wood essences, this enterprise stays aware of ecological and environmental questions.

Strong recognition for their craft, Ludovic, Christophe and Emilien start up with all the luck on their side, a diverse clientele (architects, collectors, hotels, automobile constructors, yacht constructors…) and the pride to create pieces ready to last over the centuries.