Maria Popa

Icon painted on glass « the annunciation »
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: glass, painted with tempera colour, fir tree wood back and frame
Size: 31 x 41cm

Ethnical group: Romanian
Region: Transylvania, Ţara Făgăraşului region
Period of time: 21th century
Utility: Ritual object that can be found in churches and in the Christian houses from Transylvania

Description: A very precious piece according its pattern, drawing, painting, adornments and especially its theme: The Annunciation. This type of icon called “prăznicar” (prăznicar derives from praznic- Christian holiday) is divided into several biblical scenes related to the central scene that is in the middle of the icon, in this case The Annunciation. Rectangle shape. The Mother of God is announced by the Archangel Gabriel that she would become the mother of Jesus Christ the Son of God. One of the most beautiful Christian symbols is the Holy Spirit in white dove. Harmonious chromatics: red, black, green, dark blue, beige, cream-coloured. The drawing is delicate, the features of Virgin Mary’s face having a special expressiveness. This theme is filled with joy, thus the icons having this theme are very requested and bought in the folk art fairs or shops.

Economic sector: Worked in a homestead workshop; On the nowadays market this type of object can be found, the price varying between 150-200 lei. This theme, The Annunciation, is very often painted by the contemporary icon painters. It is a loved theme, requested by buyers, very precious by its uniqueness.
During the national craftsmen fairs there are lots of icon painters that copy this theme. Unfortunately the chromatics used in most cases is not proper.

Source: Folk Art Galleries (Museum shop). ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu