Markku Salo

Product 2: Sulaa kesäksi vase (melts by summer)
© Markku Salo
Producer: Markku Salo
Markku Salo
os. Pruukinraitti 10,
31160 Nuutajärvi
puh. 0400 606 585

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Economic field: Glass, interior design

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: Ideology and the form language are based on the Finnish and Scandinavian tradition.
Piece unique

Information about the product:
- Period the item is from: 1998
- Usage: vase
- History : Markku Salo has the background in industrial design

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: Frit

Producer information
- Turn over: N/A
- Number of employees: 1