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Material/ Technique: fir tree wood, acrylic colours, cut, sawn with the fretsaw, shape on a lathe, joined using wooden wedges, and painted.
Size: 41 x 87 cm

Ethnical group: Saxon
Region: Sibiu County, Transylvania
Period of time: The first quarter of the 21th century, dated: 2007
Utility: Piece of furniture
Description: Chair with four legs placed diagonally; the back of the chair has a curved profile on the sides and in the upper
side; a round cutting with functional profile in the center of the upper part of the back of the chair; symmetrical lateral sides; sawn with fretsaw; ornaments consisting in floral motifs (daisy, Passiflora) on the back and on the seat of the chair; the seat has
in the middle a round, not very deep cavity, also with a floral motif; both the back and the seat of the chair have on the margins a natural wooden border that has on the inside a red border. Chromatics: background: dark blue; motifs: green, white, red, yellow, blue.
Economic sector: Worked in an urban workshop;
This type of object can be found on the nowadays market at about 100 Romanian lei; the interest in acquiring this item is growing thanks to its usage – utilitarian and decorative – and because many people are interested in decorating the interior with pieces of Saxon Folk Art. Currently in the country it is a very small number of people who manufacture pieces of wooden furniture with Saxon ornaments (about. 3 companies).