Matei Ţimforea

Icon painted on glass « the judgment day »
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: “glajă”/manual glass, painted with tempera colour, fir tree wood back and frame, frame painted in 2 shades of brown
Size: 64, 5 x 51 cm

Ethnical group: Romanian
Region: Cârţişoara village, Sibiu county, Ţara Făgăraşului region, TransylvaniaPeriod of time: 19th century, dated: 1893
Utility: Religious object that can be found in churches and in the Christian houses from Transylvania

Description: A very precious piece according its pattern, drawing, painting and adornments. Rectangle shape. Matei Ţimforea is one of the most important icon painters from the 19 th century Transylvania. This piece is worked in a laborious way, the minutely drawing catching the eye of those fond of arts and also the heart of the Christian people. This chosen painter has a unique style, through its refined drawing, delicacy of the line and the harmonious chromatics. The shade of purple alike a sunset is probably the painter’s most relevant signature. This theme, TheJudgment Day, was often painted by Ţimforea, showing a preference for this iconographic theme of theological amplitude and artistic complexity. The ornamental border is another feature of the author. Harmonious chromatics: purple, black, dark blue, red, beige, cream-coloured. Three colours are predominant: red, white, black.

Economic sector: Worked in a homestead workshop; On the nowadays market this type of object can be found, at prices over 4000-4500 lei. This theme, TheJudgment Day, is not so often painted by the contemporary icon painters. It is a rare and precious theme by its uniqueness. During the national craftsmen fairs there are a few icon painters that copy this theme. Unfortunatelly the chromatics used in most cases is not proper.