Mercè Puig Calzadilla

© FUNDESARTE (photo Pablo Orcajo)
Period : 2007 - 2010
Mercè Puig Calzadilla

Technique: These códols (pebbles) are elaborated with 100% sheep wool. In order to create them it is necessary to combine two working techniques: dry felt and wet felt. The collection còdols successes thanks to the adaptation of working by hand the felt in the upper coats.

Economical sector: Textiles are part of humanity since the most ancient times, and sheep’s wool has been always one of the most used ones. In Spain, close to 13.000 tons of wool yarn are produced yearly. The felt realized with 100% is the most common one. With códols, the wool has been re-introduced in the homes with a new perspective: not in the mattresses of bedrooms, but in living rooms, game rooms, studying rooms, etc.