Joaquim Falcó

Voix de pierre
© Jep Berengaret
Period : 2006
Meritxell Tembleque - Joaquim Falcó

Technique: Pieces measuring 50 x 50 x 12 cm, made out of cast glass and enamel. A vitrified handwriting fills the interior. Pieces are cut and polished in cold. Words, voices, loose its intangible character and are materialized. Each piece is a part of a disintegrated original unit.

Economical sector: The glass sector in Spain becomes more and more focused in the sector known as « d’auteur ». It is about different pieces inspired by different elements, but with something in common: they are characterized by the craftsman who produces them. It is a very well accepted product by the consumer, who knows that when acquiring a crafts product he is buying an unique, different product and with a big value, not only economical.