Mihaela Poll

Telephone cover
© Dana Botoroaga
Material/ Technique: Glass black beads, industrial type of cloth; cotton, string, metal; tailored, embroidered with beads, sewn by hand, provided with an inside lining
Size: 18, 5 (opened) x 6,5 cm
Mihaela Poll

Ethnical group: Romanian
Region: Salva village, Bistriţa-Năsăud County, Transylvania
Period of time: beginning of the 21th century
Utility: Object used to keep and protect the telephone

Description: Telephone cover, rectangle shape, made up from a piece of black velvet, provided with an inside lining, also with a cover that can be closed with a cap; provided with a string, applied on the inside. The decoration is made up embroidery with black round shaped glass beads, disposed as floral and vegetal motifs placed on the front part of the cover; on the entire surface of the telephone cover, from place to place are embroidered black beads.
Chromatics: black background; black decoration.

Economic sector: Worked in a rural workshop, in homestead; on the nowadays market this type of object can easily be found, the price varying between 10-12 lei. There is interest in buying this type of object, among the wide public.

Source: Belongs to a private owner: Dana Botoroagă, Sibiu