Mihai Sevasta

Framed pattern
© Aneta Buium
Material/ Technique: industrial fabric “marchizet”, dyed cotton thread, silk, paillettes “butterflies”; embroidered by hand
Size: 32,5 cm x 16 cm

Ethnical group: Romanian
Region: Trufineşti, Potcoava village, Olt County, Oltenia
Period of time: 1th half of the 20th century, dated: 1938
Utility: Decorative purpose

Description: Rectangle shaped embroidered pattern of traditional blouse sleeve; Adornaments: floral and phytomorph motifs.
Chromatics: background: white; shades of red, cherry-coloured, yellow, blue, green, mauve, pink, brown, golden. The pattern is arranged on a cardboard, over which is applied a cherry-coloured paspartou, glass, a wooden frame with a metallic hanging system.

Economic sector: Worked in homestead;
Its value on the market cannot be estimated, the piece having a profound sentimental value. The original blouse was worn by the owner’s great grandmother when she first joined the village dance at 14 years old.

Source: Belongs to a private owner: Aneta Buium, Sibiu