Nagy Margareta

Corn husk basket
© ASTRA national museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: corn husk, cut, whitened, retted, dried, knitted, and painted in natural colours
Size: 22 cm x 18 cm

Ethnical group: Hungarian
Region: Chendu Mare village, Mureş county, Transylvania
Period of time: The 1th quarter of the 21st century; dated: 2010

Utility: Dual use: decorative and utilitarian- for keeping small things

Description: Basket, cylinder shaped. Made of 2 parts: the basket and the cover. The cover is decorated with 2 flowers (roses) with leaves. Chromatics: corn husk natural colour, pink, green.

Economic sector: Worked in a private workshop;
Nowadays almost every family in Chendu village knits. This is an occupation handed down from generation to generation that is recognized also abroad. Usually women knit and men sell the products. The cheapest product of this kind costs 1.5 lei and
the most expensive can reach 100 lei (according its size and complexity of the knitting technique). They also manufacture flower arrangements also from corn husk that are requested in events as wedding (prices between 50-500 lei).

Source: Folk Art Galleries (Museum shop). ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu