Nuria Conesa / Nuna

Balenciaga, coat for a mermaid of the Cantabrian Sea
© FUNDESARTE (photo Pablo Orcajo)
Période : 2009
Nuria Conesa / Nuna

Technique: The coat has been elaborated for an homage-exhibition to Balenciaga. It is done with wool, cotton and silk. The coat is made with Nuno felt, elaborated from fabrics, tainted and handmade by Nuna. The complete collection is composed by a coat, a dress, a necklace and a handbag; and all the pieces are inspired by the supposition that mermaids live in the northern seas and need to be dressed up.

Economical sector: Felt is a very common used fibre in Spain, where 11.8% of the craft enterprises are working in the textil sector. In the year 2002, Nuna, after 23 years working a wide range of materials and techniques, discovered the Japanese technique and she specialized in working with felt Nuno. This felt is obtained by fusing silk and wool, resulting in a material that rappels velvet.