Paco Luis Martos

Casetones Mudéjares
© FUNDESARTE (Photo Pablo Orcajo)
Period : 2008 - 2009
Paco Luis Martos

Technique: The coffered ceiling is an ancient wood working technique, which is very hard to find nowadays, except in the antique buildings. Paco Luis Martos has taken up this technique, improving it thanks to the new available technologies. The Casetones Mudéjares can be found in different places: in an ancient palace, as well as in a big villa in Beverly Hills. For manufacturing this kind of wood pieces new IT programs as Autocad and 3D estudio are required.

Economical sector: The wood sector has in general a big impact in the Spanish crafts sector. In fact, the subsector of wood furniture represents 34.6% of the Spanish craft workshops and enterprises; and objects made out of wood 3.8%. The coffered ceilings are made by a technique used in the antique architecture, which was very popular in the Renaissance and Baroque, and had a big diffusion in the neo-classical architecture. The coffered ceilings nearly disappeared, except for the craftsmen specialized in the restoration of churches, museums and ancient buildings, as Paco Luis Martos, who works nowadays to recover, maintain and guarantee the continuity of this almost unknown art.