Pavel Zamfir Zugravu

Icon painted on glass « Mother of Sorrows »
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: “glajă”/manual glass, painted with tempera colour, fir tree wood back and frame, frame decorated with a “rope” like “knitting”
Size: 41x51 cm cm

Ethnical group: Romanian
Region: Laz village, Valea Sebeşului, Transylvania
Period of time: 19th century, dated: 1888
Utility: Religious object that can be found in churches and in the Christian houses from Transylvania

Description: A very precious piece according its pattern, drawing, painting and adornments. Rectangle shape. The beseeching Mother of God has her hands gathered on the chest as sign of prayer and acceptance of God’s will. Dressed in black, in mourning vestments with golden embroidered border. The vestments are blue and China green on the inside. In the left part of the Mother of God appears the Cross on which Jesus was crucified. Symbols in the icon: the angels (on the upper part of the painting), the star from the vestments, the Cross, the Church (on the background); the red is the colour that stands for pain, grief, sacrifice and love. In Cyrillic characters are written Jesus’ initials (IC XC) and of the Mother of God. The year the icon was painted and the author’s signature also appear on the icon. Harmonious chromatics: black, green, dark blue, red, beige, cream-coloured. The drawing is refined, delicate, the Mother of God havs an expressive feature. The icon with such a theme is specific to Transylvania, precisely to this entire area that is the core of the glass painting.

Economic sector: Worked in a homestead workshop;
On the nowadays market this type of object can be found, at prices over 2000-2500 lei. This theme, Mother of Sorrows, is not so often painted by the contemporary icon painters. It is a rare and precious theme by its uniqueness. During the national craftsmen fairs there are a few icon painters that copy this theme. Unfortunatelly the chromatics used in most cases is not proper.

Source: Icons. Religious Objects Collection (Inventory No. 1234 OC ), ASTRA Museum of Transylvanian Civilization. ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu