Pierre Meyer

Ornamental vase
67,50 cm x 12 cm
© Pierre Meyer
114, rue Alexandre Dumas
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Ornamental vase (ivory)


A cabinet maker son and grandson, Pierre Meyer along his career will never stop enlarging his knowledge and competences. He first did cabinetry and marquetry, then ivory turning and small wooden items. He works with precious woods, bone, tortoise shell, horn, ivory and many other materials.

He did self teach ivory turning, he studied the “Plumier” an XVIII century book written by a monk, the reference book for all the ivory turning buffs. In his book, the monk explains with illustrations how the ivory lathes worked, and it’s from these drawings that Pierre Meyer has built a lathe to turn ivory. He made special chucking to turn balls, he hand smithed a complete set of specific tools that permit him to restore now XVIII century works. He devises tools to bias pieces or to do spiral turning.
Over the years he improves and refines his technique by practicing on the fabrication of many pieces until the total mastership of this art. He is conversant with all the techniques, from the spider stairs, the “rampant”, the lozenge, the fake basket weave, the beading as well as varied geometrical motifs, floral motifs and even going so far as to turn ivory into lace work.
He was made Maître d’Art in 2004 (thanks to the piece above), the highest distinction for an art craftsman. By this distinction his peers acknowledge his professional experience, his expertise and his pedagogical competence for tutoring an apprentice.