Product 1: Cheese mouldes and wooden measures
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Producer: Puutalli
Juurussuontie 521
90310 Oulu, Finland
Tel. +358 8 556 2404

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Economic field: Wood, handicraft, household and decorative objects

Part of/ linked to greater unity/ why this product: The company produces wooden products from the Finnish tradition keeping the history alive. The wooden objects are valued in the Scandinavian countries. At the moment the added value is not only the ecologic aspect, but also the naturalness and the Story-telling – tradition aspect.

Rare: industry has made these old objects almost unnecessary. Only a few are producing these anymore.

Information about the product:
- Period the item is from:
- Usage: cheese making and for measuring e.g. sugar, salt etc.
- History etc.: the mouldes and measures have a long tradition (centuries), and it is hard to define the start of the usage. In the past the objects were used in every household

Knowhow, skills, working methods used: Carving, jointing…

Producer information
- Turn over: N/A
- Number of employees: 2