René Lalique

© René Lalique
circa 1930
H. 23.9cm

Lalique SA (siège social)
11 rue royale 75008 paris
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Technique: The hand glass maker produces practical or decorative items for table dressing, lighting or works of art. He uses the “cueillage” (picking in the kiln), blowing or modeling glass or crystal working techniques. He first prepares the raw materials, the moulds and the tools. Then he “picks” a blob of fusing substance, glass or crystal, with a steel pipe called “canne, and he blows while revolving the “canne” to shape out a rough hew of the hollow piece in making, eventually followed by cutting, engraving and painting.

René Lalique: At 16 he started his apprenticeship at Louis Aucocq’s a Parisian jeweler. In 1885 he opens his own jeweler shop. Lalique is acknowledged as one of the most important jewel designers of French Art Nouveau for his innovative and outstanding pieces. While keeping to the Art Nouveau inspiration sources, fauna and flora, as the peacock, insects, and sometimes an imaginary bestiary, he innovates by introducing materials that were not much used in jewelry then: glass, enamel, leather, mother of pearl and often preferring semi precious stones to precious stones.

Lalique died on the 5th of May 1945, but his firm outlived him thanks to his son Marc who succeeded him. He replaced glass by crystal, making the best of it, technically as well as esthetically. At his death, his daughter Marie- Claude Lalique took over. The company will then be handed to the Pochet and Silvio group before being purchased by the Swiss firm “Art & Fragrance” who have been the owners since 2008.