Sofia Binder

Stove towel
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: flax, weaved in 2 shedding harnesses, embroidered, with knotted tassels from the warp; hemmed, the threads used to embroider are dyed in red and blue (vegetal colours)
Size: 114 x 54 cm

Ethnical group: Saxon
Region: Sibiu county, Transylvania
Period of time: The 4th quarter of the 18th century, dated:1782
Utility: Stove towel with dual use; it was hanged on a rod, covering the space between the stove of ceramic tiles and the wall, space where the housewife kept the firewood and all the necessary tools for lighting the fire

Description: Weaving with a complex decoration, motifs symmetrically distributed: anthropomorphous (horseman); avimorphous (the two-headed crowned vulture, peacock, the “bird of the soul”); zoomorphic (horse, lion, stag, dog), vegetal (the “tree of life”, pomegranate); inscription in German with Gothic characters: Schoffia Binderin ANO 1782/Lust und Lieb zu einem Ding/ machet Müh und Arbeit ring; Schoffia Binderin Year 1782/Pleasure and love for a thing/ reduces the effort and work.

Economic sector: Worked in household; On the nowadays Romanian market this type of object is no longer manufactured and it cannot be found anymore because of losing its utility; interest in acquiring these items is very low, having now only decorative purpose; Buyers can be found among the specialists, museums or private collectors;

Source: Textile Collection (Inventory No. 1917T/15043 B), Emil Sigerus Saxon Ethnography Museum. ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu