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The city of Tours and its nearby municipalities are historically connected to the silk industry in France. It was King Louis XI who set up this industry in Tours in 1470 to counter the importing of Italian silk goods. This activity was very prosperous.

Based in Tours since the 17th century, the Roze family continues to weave silk from generation to generation with uninterrupted production. This represents more than 12 generations and this longevity makes Soieries Jean Roze the oldest family-owned silk-weaving company in France.Today the company is managed by Antoinette Roze who insists on maintaining this continuity by respecting the legacy that has been passed down: maintaining high quality in fabric production, enhancing the archives which are rich in numerous patterns, and maintaining know-how.

Along with acquiring more modern looms, it has kept the mechanical Jacquard looms in order to retain ample flexibility in production and to be able to best meet custom-made manufactures and small quantities. Thus the company distinguishes itself by the quality of its top-of-the-line silk goods.More than 70% of its revenue comes from exporting, mainly in the Anglo-Saxon countries, with England being the favoured destination since the time of Louis XI, but also the Middle East and Russia.

In 2000, the Jean Roze Company opened a dye-house, allowing it to offer timely and custom responses to decorators’ requests. In this way, the company can work with them when it comes to materials, patterns, specificity of fabrics, and colours.Today the company is able to apply its extensive silk-related know-how to other materials such as cotton, viscose, wool, or linen, thus obtaining varied materials: such is the characteristic evolution of a family-owned company that has known how, since its very beginning, generation after generation, to imagine its future without ever losing sight of its demand and regard for quality.

The company works primarily with top decorators in France and in foreign countries, often for private individuals and residences. In addition, it does projects for historical monuments in France as well as for prestigious buildings abroad.Its manufactures can be found in the chateaux of the Loire as well as in the residence of the Sultan of Oman, in Great Britain’s Chatsworth castle or in the Meurice Hotel…the references are numerous and varied.

In 2006, Soieries Jean Roze joined France’s elite group “Living Heritage Companies.” It is also a member of the Hénokiens, the International Association of Family and Bicentenary Companies: 40 companies that have been in business for at least 200 years, managed by a descendant of the founder and with a majority ownership stake held by the founding family.
Antoinette Roze also heads the association that she founded: “Tours, City of Silk,” which seeks to promote the activities of the Tours silk industry and to pass on know-how. She collects and tries to ensure the protection of this Tours heritage and is involved in a project that will create an establishment open to the public, the centre of living heritage for the silk trade in Tours.
Antoinette Roze.