Sophie Mallebranche

Drapes for Plazza athénée, Paris
© Sophie Mallebranche
L : 26000mm, l : 0mm, H : 3000mm, weight : 216Kg
Warp: stainless steel strand / weft: stainless steel thread diameter 0.35mm.

Ateliers Sophie Mallebranche
20 rue de l’abbé de l’épée
75005 Paris
06 22 19 72 03

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In 1994 she came to Paris to study, and enters Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré (Applied arts school) in the textile department. Right from start, the young designer confronts industrial materials to hand weaving techniques.

She uses stainless steel, silicone or enamel coated brass (custom order in Switzerland) threads with hand weaving looms. Stainless steel warp, brass weft. Varied applications were born from her creations, catching the light as much as they let it through. “ We are hooked by her yarns, feeling both caught and wrapped in weightlessness, with transparency becoming a structure, the undulating and glittering metal yarn worming its way through the warp and incidentally meeting a silk wisp here and a velvet ribbon there, or a moon stone like a bit of frosted moon, and what with the odd silicone tube.”

Sophie Mallebranche designs collections of innovative metal materials intended to architecture and interior designers’ custom.

These sumptuous materials, designed and made in France nowadays represent « the industrial custom-made offer » for luxury objects and interior design. She designs a new collection per year.
By this permanent research she combines chromatic challenge to technical feasibility. The yarns are specifically done for the projects in order to be U.V. and humidity proof, and to master the brilliance of the colors and the density of the pigments.

For the textile designer Sophie Mallebranche and her partner Guillaume Danset, the forthcoming decade sounds like a new era.

Sophie Mallebranche is minting a brand name within the new Material Group branch”. We already knew the spectacular and precious metal textiles that won her the 1999 “Talents à la carte” award and a star in l’Observateur du Design in 2006. The giant size lamp shade for Guerlain, the facing hanging over the front of the Champs Elysées Drugstore in Paris, the monumental drapes in the Plaza Athénée, an order by the designer Patrick Jouin. Extraordinariness is no deterrent to this peculiar designer.

In 2008 Sophie approaches the Toiles de Mayenne mills that for all its old age (the firm was founded in 1806) accepted to take up the challenge. Together they tested and probed, streamlining the tools to eventually come up -in January 2010- with a fully adapted industrial equipment, that could weave metal yarn on a big scale.

The Centre Francilien de l’Innovation, (The innovation Centre of the Parisian area), that had already supported the artist when a beginner, is backing her in this new development. “Formerly, you could only weave 10 to 15 cm per hour, Sophie says, thanks to these machines we gear into 2m /hour. The Support by the Centre Francilien de l’Innovation has been instrumental in the achievement of this project. It was a great opportunity.”