Display Bed
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: fir tree wood; oil paints; metal; carved, chiselled, fretsaw, joined, colored, painted
Size: 188 x 102 x 157 cm

Ethnical group: Saxon
Region: Caţa, Braşov County, Transylvania
Period of time: The 3rd quarter of the 19th century, dated: 1862
Utility: Decorative-utilitarian piece of furniture used for rest and for displaying the pillows and the beautiful embroidered bedcover; a way to show the skills and the diligence of the women and of the girls to be married.

Description: Parallelipipedic bed with 2 detachable circular heads decorated using the fretsaw; on one of the heads of the bed is brush painted “ANNO 1862”. The front side has an extensible trunk/chest that increases the bed functional capacity; the front legs of the bed have small wooden wheels. The 2 heads of the bed and the extensible trunk/chest are richly ornamented: floral and vegetables (the tree of life) motifs framed into rectangular and square registers; chromatics: blue, red, white, yellow, ochre, green.

Economic sector: Worked in a rural workshop; Unfortunately, on the nowadays Romanian market this type of object is no longer manufactured;

Source: Wood. Metal Collection (Inventory No. 843L), Emil Sigerus Saxon Ethnography Museum. ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu