Pin for holding the veil
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: brass metal; moulded, brass metal beads, glass beads; vegetal motifs
Size: 9, 5 x 3 cm

Ethnical group: Saxon
Region: Dobârca, Sibiu county, Transylvania
Period of time: the end of the 19th century
Utility: Piece of the holiday Saxon folk costume; it was used for holding the veil; generally they used 2 pairs of big pins and a pair of small pins. Sometimes the pins were arranged round the head in shape of a crown. It was worn once with Sacrament of Confirmation time when the “borten” was beautifully ornamented with small pins as beautiful as the bigger pins that holded the veil.

Description: Pin made up of moulded metal. In its lower part it has 3 cylinders that have embedded 3 red glass rocks. On the same level there are also 3 metal beads that have around them smaller blue glass beads. Above, there are 3 petals coloured in white, blue and yellow, also decorated with blue glass beads. In the upper part of the pin there is a metal bead that has on it an embedded red glass rock. Chromatics: background: golden; rocks: red; glass beads: light blue; metal: golden, white, blue, yellow.

Economic sector: Pin worked in urban workshop; Very rarely found in museums’ collections. This kind of object is particularly sought by the Saxons who live nowadays in Germany. Unfortunately, on the nowadays Romanian market this type of object is no longer manufactured.

Source: Costume Collection (Inventory No. 8978 P), Emil Sigerus Saxon Ethnography Museum. ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu