Saving Box
© ASTRA National Museum Complex Sibiu
Material/ Technique: fir tree wood, oil colours, cut, sawn with the fretsaw, shape on a lathe, joined, painted
Size: 23 x 31x 20 cm

Ethnical group: Saxon
Region: Agnita, Sibiu County, Transylvania
Period of time: The 4th quarter of the 18th century, dated: 1790

Utility: Decorative and utilitarian function, used for keeping jewellery and money

Description: Parallelepiped shaped; the slightly curved lid painted in the center and in the 4th corners with floral motifs: white
flower with 4 petals and red pistils; the side walls are each provided with a red, decorative button; one button (from the right side) is removable by screwing, this way being possible to remove the lid and the side “wall” and having access to the storage
place; by removing the double side wall there is access to two small compartments as 2 drawers, probably used for keeping money or small values; on one of the sides are painted in white the initials of the owners: K. K. and M. K. and also the year the box was made: 1790- all enclosed into a red frame; The lower part is decorated using the fretsaw; chromatics: background: brown; ornaments: red, green, white.

Economic sector: Worked in a rural workshop;
Unfortunately, on the nowadays Romanian market this type of object is no longer manufactured

Source: Wood. Metal Collection (Inventory No. 842 L), Emil Sigerus Saxon Ethnography Museum. ASTRA National Museum
Complex Sibiu